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Extended Schools

At Knowsley Junior School we strive to provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum. All of our staff are incredibly keen and committed to providing wide and varied sporting opportunities, whilst promoting healthy lifestyles.

The majority of our after-school clubs are free of charge and we are very lucky to be supported by a Sporting Coach, the Integrated Youth Sport Development Services and a strong team of talented and dedicated parents.

There are many very popular sports clubs that children may have access to throughout their time at Knowsley. We try hard to cater for the diverse interests and needs of our children and often try new sports and activities at their request.

Due to a high percentage of our children having commitments outside of school, we recognise the need to have more sporting clubs available at dinnertimes.

We also compete regularly (particularly in Y5 and 6) in many sporting events (both locally and nationally) and aim to include as many of our children in teams as possible.