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Knowsley Junior School's SATs Results

Our results for summer 2016 show that 55% of our children achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and maths combined; this was above the national average of 53%. As a school, we were in line with national age related expecations for reading and writing, and signigicantly above in maths and SPaG. We are endeavouring to improve on these results in the 2016/17 SATs, with a particular focus on reading.


Subject School National
Reading 66 66
Writing 73 74
Maths 83 70
SPaG 84 72


Averaged Scaled Score

Subject School National
Reading 101.7 103
Maths 103.7 104

*Scaled score based on 100 being average

High Attainment

Subject School National
Reading 11% 19%
Writing 4% 15%
Maths 7% 17%


Subject School National
Reading -2.59 0
Writing -3.39 0
Maths -0.60 0

*Progress measure based on zero being average.

*Data is based on progress from KS1 results.