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The Music Service and Singing Club

The Music Service

At Knowsley we also have visiting teachers from the excellent Oldham Music Centre. They teach instruments in groups of about four children. Instruments are loaned from the music centre.

Mrs Meaden teaches the flute and clarinet on a Tuesday.

Ms Clarke teaches the violin on a Thursday.

Mr Wilson teaches all brass instruments on a Friday.

Lessons cost £80 a term/ £240 per year including use of an instrument.

Please contact the office if your child would like to learn or go on the waiting list if groups are full.

Year 5 will have Ms Rathburn teach the ukulele to every class for a term each. There is no charge for this and school own a class set of ukuleles.


Singing Club

Singing Club is open to any children who enjoy singing. They practise on a Tuesday after school with Mrs Barrass. This is a free after-school club.

The windband meets every Monday from 12:30- 1pm run by Mr Webb and Mrs Barrass.

Children are encouraged to practise their instrument as much as possible at home – a little and often are the best way to progress.

The children will have a chance to perform in assemblies and at a big evening concert in the spring. We also are also invited to perform at other venues such as the Oldham School’s Music Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham in June.

Any questions, please contact Mrs Barrass (Y5 and music coordinator) at school.