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Oldham Council Local Offer

Local Authorities have to publish details of all the support that is available for children and young people with Special Education Needs.

This information is called the 'Local Offer' and must include education, health and care services and must be clear and easy to understand.

To access the Oldham Council Local Offer please click on the following link.


The new Children and Families Bill released by the government has changed how we at Knowsley Junior School have to support children with Special Education Needs (SEN). These changes are starting in September 2014, and we now place the pupils at the centre of planning. The bill gives several key principles, which are:

  1. Young people and their families should be involved in discussions about the support they need, so they can share their knowledge and feed back to the school on the young Persons progress
  2. Education, health and care plans (EHC) will replace statements of special educational needs. New assessments for additional educational needs will follow the EHC guidelines from September 2014. (Existing statements will remain in force until all children and young people have completed the transition, which will be within three years)
  3. School Action and School Action Plus will cease and be replaced by a single school-based category for children who need extra specialist support.

Knowsley Junior School is fully prepared for these changes, and is looking forward to working with students and their parents in order to ensure that their access to education is fully inclusive.

At Knowsley Junior School we want all children to achieve as much as possible at school.

We have many steps and strategies to give all children the support they need.

Some children need additional support is to make sure they achieve as much as they can, beyond Knowsley’s usual high standards of teaching.

More to follow…

Point – Parents of Oldham In Touch

Stay up to date on all the changes affecting your child, young person or family on this site. Please click on the image to visit the POINT website.